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We would like to give a huge thank you to the people listed below that helped start this project.

  • Grassfire for funding the mural.

  • Everett Smith and family for donating the rock.

  • John Falvey for volunteering his time and equipment to dig out the rock.

  • Dave's Crane out of Union, IA for lifting of the rock off and on the truck bed.

  • Brad Kohlwes with ArGee Transportation for transporting the rock to the site.

  • Manatts for donating cement.

  • JD Myers volunteering his time for cement work and installing the flag poles.

  • Zach Crain for volunteering his time for installing flag poles and doing electric work.

  • A HUGE THANK YOU TO RANDY PRITCHARD for the countless hours of him designing and doing the landscaping in the area.

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